See our calendar for our trip dates and book soon to avoid disappointment.

The following are our most popular trips but we have many many more.

Come join us for some great warm sea diving and Half Chicken and chips in Mozambique at Parque de Malongane. The fish life is amazing. You get to see scribbled pipe fish, rays, sharks, octopus, paperfish, eels and so much more magic.

Tofo - Mozambique
This is a week of Magic you cannot miss. We get to dive at the famous Manta reef watching those huge Manta rays sweep over you and diving with the great Whale Sharks. An experience some divers never get to see. We also get to go on Dhow trips and experience Mozambique at its best.

Durban Wreck Experience
This trip is a lovely "I need to escape the rat race" weekend getaway. We get to dive the lovely and popular wrecks in Durban. Come do the speciality if you have not already done it. Well worth it.
The best of south african diving. Our fun filled weekends away to Sodwana are never missed. Join us to pick up shark teeth off the sandy bottom and experience all the wonderful sea life. Even seahorses.

The Shoal
Sharks Sharks Sharks. Need we say more. If you have done the speciality or still want to do it call us now for some amazing shark diving. Do not forget your wetsuit shampoo hahaha.

Our Inland Big Deep Hole. Altitude diving, deep diving, cave diving, fresh water diving, inland diving. All this in one hole.

Marico Oog
A natural spring with unlimited viz. A night dive experience that feels Magical as you see the moon through the water. A lovely place to try out scuba if you have never done it before. You will be hooked like all of us.


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